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Arthritis and You – The Sunday Telegraph, June 2018.

Do you need a joint replacement? Have you asked the right questions? Do you know you have a choice?

Safe Introduction of the SAIPH Knee

Discerning surgeons can now choose the SAIPH® Knee based on its evidence. If the enthusiasm of...

SAIPH Knee System – Podium Presentation Rome

We are delighted to tell you that A.Prof Bill Walter will be presenting at the World Arthroplasty...

Israel Gets It’s First SAIPH Implant!

Fabulous news as new user surgeons implant the SAIPH® Knee System in Israel! Pictured in the...

Papers Presented at EFORT Meeting | MatOrtho

The 19th EFORT Congress takes place this week in Barcelona 30 May to 01 June 2018 and is billed as...