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Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP)

Information for healthcare professionals

ODEP provide a service evaluation for TKR ratings and award ratings based on ongoing assessment of implant performance (rate of revision), and the number of patients for which principally UK data is available. The registries and clinical studies described in this document report excellent rates of survivorship for the SAIPH® Knee, with cumulative revision rates lower than the average TKR revision rates and among the lowest of all available devices17,43,45.

Within the MatOrtho® philosophy for safe introduction of new technology, the SAIPH® Knee was released with limited availability and under closely monitored use over the first 10 years. To ensure versions of implant brands are reported appropriately, ODEP separate devices into their available constructs. For the SAIPH® Knee, this means separating UK data for SAIPH® Knee procedures with no patella, with a cementless patella and with a cemented patella.

Consequently, cohorts on which ODEP ratings are based for each construct remain small. The SAIPH® Knee is most commonly used in the UK without a patella resurfacing and so a longer rating is available for this construct. In all categories, the SAIPH® Knee revision rates are considerably lower than the requirement for each rating. ODEP ratings are shown in Figure 9. The SAIPH® Knee is demonstrating exceptional performance with a consistent low revision rate and, as the number of patients who receive it grows, is on track to receive an ODEP 10A* rating. 

Clinical rationale - image 6

Figure 9: ODEP ratings for SAIPH® Knee constructs.

For those interested in ODEP ratings, further information on ODEP criteria and use of ratings by hospitals can be found on the ODEP website,50,51



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SAIPH® Operative Technique

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Principles of the SAIPH® 'Medially Stabilised' Knee

Tibiofemoral Articulation

The SAIPH® Knee design is based on the principle of medial stability in the normal knee, which has been described in historical literature2 and widely in recent literature3,4,5. In normal, healthy knees the shapes of the medial and lateral tibial condyles are different: the medial side is concave; the lateral side is convex. Stability is provided collectively by the collateral ligaments (MCL and LCL), both cruciate ligaments (ACL and PCL) and the menisci.