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ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing System

Information for Healthcare Professionals

Introduction to ADEPT®

With more than 17 years of supporting clinical data, the evidence demonstrates that the ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing is the best treatment option for many patients. 

A trusted, first-class solution

The ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing System has evolved from the development of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR). It is the result of a successful combination of the knowledge and experience gained by Finsbury (now MatOrtho®) from our direct involvement as the original manufacturing specialists along with extensive research into historically successful MoM devices.

The ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing System has been in successful clinical use globally for over 16 years. Clinical data shows that:

  • Younger and more active patients are being accepted for hip replacement (63% of resurfacing patients in Australia are under 55 years old [1])
  • Hip resurfacing patients are free to return to work and active lifestyles [2-3] without compromised function.
  • Mid-term survivorship for the ADEPT® is class-leading [1,4] with a lower revision rate than total hip replacement in younger patients [1] and an ODEP 15A rating for the male population, bearing sizes 48-58mm. [5].

Delivering results through performance

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Superior function

  • Constant ROM for all sizes
  • Extremely low rate of dislocation compared to THR
  • Bone conserving
  • Low friction, fluid-film lubrication bearing
  • Natural feel and ROM

Optimised design

  • Proven fixation
  • Optimised clearance for long-term low wear
  • Coverage constant throughout range
  • Metallurgy optimised from the 1960s
  • Still produced by the original manufacturing

First class clinical data

  • Proven low NJR revision and mortality rates
  • Lowest revision rates and ODEP 13A1 
  • Higher function for physiologically young patients
  • Early intervention for patients likely to outlive a THR
  • Based on 50-year heritage of successful MoM THRs

Simple, proven instrumentation

  • Optimised sizing and preparation tools
  • Simple, reliable neck centring devices
  • Simple, reliable cup alignment technique
  • Low profile cup introduction
  • Safe head cement pressurisation

Implant and sizing options

  • 2mm head size increments to reproduce
    natural head diameter
  • Minimal cup wall thickness for minimal reaming
  • Two cup sizes for every head size
  • Available range 46mm to 58mm bearings

Benefits of hip resurfacing over total hip replacement

  • Surgeons allow their hip resurfacing patients to return to a wider variety of sport and leisure activities without restriction than with a total hip replacement [7,3].
  • Hip resurfacing significantly reduces the risk of dislocation as compared to total hip replacement [8].
  • Hip resurfacing is more conservative than THR and has a lower risk of postoperative infection [8].
  • Patients receiving a hip resurfacing device have a lower risk of mortality compared to THR [9,10].
  • Patient satisfaction for the ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing is over 95% [11].

Expert insights from surgeons

Below, are several useful and informative presentations on the outcomes from surgeons who currently practice hip resurfacing.

ADEPT® Flyer

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ADEPT® Clinical Rationale

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ADEPT® Brochure

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ADEPT® Operative Technique

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