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ReCerf Ceramic Hip Resurfacing

ReCerf Ceramic Hip Resurfacing

ReCerf® is not yet on general release with CE-approval (MatOrtho® is a UK-based company) and its availability around the world is subject to local regulatory and hospital approvals. Unfortunately the time to approval from application is not in our control and can vary between countries and hospitals.

When approved, ReCerf® will be available for patients who meet criteria determined by the surgeons, all of whom are world-experts in hip replacement and hip resurfacing. Such criteria are part of a safe and responsible approach to introducing new technologies and are defined for the benefit of everyone, particularly patients.

We as a manufacturer are not able to comment on any individual circumstances, however we are in contact with and supporting the surgeons who will access ReCerf® when it becomes available in their region.

Please continue to consult with your surgeon who we understand awaits approval to prescribe ReCerf®.

ReCerf Patents 


Post Update: 02.07.20

Post Update 20.07.20

ReCerf® Sizing Chart

Post Update: 16.10.20

ReCerf® Study Now Available

We are pleased to inform you that the study entitled “Patient reported clinical outcomes and imaging study for a new all-ceramic hip (resurfacing) replacement device” is now listed on the ISRCTN registry with study ID ISRCTN93110271.

Please follow the link for more information:


Post Update 08.07.21

CeramTec has just issued their latest CeraNews which is dedicated to Ceramic Resurfacing. Amongst other updates, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Andrew Manktelow, offers insight into his experience with Hip Resurfacing and shares how the practice, along with the development of new technology (ReCerf) is addressing a clinical need.

Our thanks go to Mr. Andrew Manktelow for his professional contribution.

Visit the website for the full downloadable interactive pdf here:

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