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SAIPH® Knee System

Information for Healthcare Professionals

Natural asymmetry, complete stability and full mobilisation

The SAIPH® Knee System is the 2nd generation medial ball-and-socket knee from the originators of the concept. The design is based on the principle that by providing natural functional and anatomical asymmetry in all three knee compartments (medial tibiofemoral, lateral tibiofemoral and patellofemoral articulations), better function and increased patient satisfaction can be achieved without the compromises of traditional total knee replacement designs.

The result is provision of complete inherent stability throughout the range of motion, coupled with allowance for physiological rotation during flexion. The design also features a physiologically asymmetric patellofemoral joint for a more natural feel and ease of flexion.

The SAIPH® has been in clinical use since 2009. Following on from 20 years of clinical success with the Medial Rotation Knee™ (MRK™), the SAIPH® retains all key design features fundamental to the clinical success of the principle.

Clinical data shows that patients can expect:

  • Inherent full ROM stability [1], like the normal knee [2];
  • An excellent range of motion, with a device that permits over 150° flexion [1,3];
  • Significant health gains and improvements in function [3];
  • Excellent survivorship [3-5], with a device that has an ODEP 7A rating [6].

Physiological stability and mobility for the active knee without compromise

The SAIPH® Knee has been in clinical use since 2009 with over 10,0001 knees implanted worldwide. It is the only TKR in the world designed wholly for the medially stabilised concept without compromise.


Natural asymmetry

  • Physiological medial stability
  • Lateral freedom to move AP
  • Physiologically lateralised trochlea
  • Anatomically designed, CT validated
  • Normal feeling of stability and movement

Complete stability

  • Substitutes for the ACL, PCL and meniscus
  • Inherent full ROM stability
  • No mid-flexion instability
  • Lateral stability where required
  • Patella naturally stabilised throughout ROM

Full mobilisation

  • Physiological rotation during flexion
  • Exhibits lateral femoral rollback
  • Femur maintained posterior for efficient extensor mechanism
  • Reduces anterior capsule tension in flexion
  • Permits over 150° flexion

Designed without compromise

  • Highly conforming, low contact stress for low wear
  • No post; no box cut; avoids challenges with PCL retention
  • Proportional flexion radii for the patient population
  • Tibia locking mechanism eliminates micromotion
  • Advanced instrumentation with all surgical options

A pedigree with heritage and clinical data

  • Evolution of the original ball-and-socket knee
  • In clinical use since 2009 and ODEP 7A rated
  • Low revision rates, better high-end activity
  • Greater patient-reported success and satisfaction
  • A step further for the ‘forgotten knee’

Expert insights from surgeons

The SAIPH® Knee has a very positive and broad spectrum of data to support surgeon and hospital evidence-based decision-making processes.

Below, are several useful and informative presentations from surgeons who use the SAIPH® Knee System.

SAIPH® Flyer

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SAIPH® Clinical Rationale

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SAIPH® Brochure

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SAIPH® Operative Technique

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A Patient Guide To Knee Replacement - The SAIPH® Knee

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