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21 March 2019

Following news that actress Miriam  Margoyles was a successful recipient of a Medial Rotation Knee™ (MRK™) and a key contributor to an upcoming newspaper supplement, we decided to explore the opportunity of working together on a new piece of editorial.

With close collaboration with her surgeon, Mr Giles Heilpern from the South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre (SWELOC), and Miriam, we are pleased to announce that today’s edition of The Guardian newspaper supports a supplement called ‘Managing Pain’. A full-page sponsored article from MatOrtho® features alongside Miriam’s own story. In it, Mr Heilpern describes her operation as “a complete success”.

In support of our quest for patients to become better informed, Mike Tuke opens the article discussing patients researching their options and understanding more about device performance – we are delighted to see that Miriam checked information for herself and prior to her pre-op meeting with her surgeon. Mr Heilpern mentions how Miriam had done her homework to establish his revision rates following her review of National Joint Registry Data.

Please read the on line version of the story and share it on your social media channels to raise awareness: Buy Xanax Perth

Download the pdf version of the story here: Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk

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