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Mike Tuke

Mike Tuke FREng co-founded Finsbury Instruments in 1978, possibly the most innovative orthopaedic company in the world. Mike launched MatOrtho® in 2010 following re-acquisition and continues to deliver pioneering orthopaedic devices. Mike’s passion is to improve the quality and longevity of active life for patients with a MatOrtho® implant.

Here, Mike shares his wealth of experience and professional knowledge on topics and areas of interest for patients and fellow professionals.

Popular Misconceptions Relating to the ‘normal’ and Total Replacement Knee

This is a series of personal observations relating to total knee replacement garnered over the years from observations going back to my time at Imperial College with the availability of hundreds of normal knees, by being closely involved at surgery and by observation of many implant design details. I have also read and listened to a lot of great and good knee replacement experts many of whom disagree with each other on such topics, as I shall lay out. Some of the subject matters or aspects within them put alternative views that are not generally accepted or have not been aired widely, if at all; most are yet to be discovered.

I have called these ramblings “Popular Misconceptions” because for many of the points I make there has been an accepted doctrine believed by the majority and repeated so many times over years that they appear to have become fact. I have observed that other professions and indeed humans in general do this quite a lot, it is a common human frailty, it is mirrored in scientific papers and it can be fun to discuss and expose them. Orthopaedics is, I believe, littered with misconceptions and I want to expose some here.

To find and expose misconceptions we must keep asking – “Why?”-just as a young child does until we elders have run out of reasoned answers, then we have most probably arrived at a Popular Misconception.

– Mike

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