ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing System

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ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing System

The ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing System is provided to meet the demands of patients who are likely to outlive or outperform a traditional total hip replacement.

The ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing System evolved from the BHR, with the knowledge and experience gained by Finsbury (now MatOrtho®) from direct involvement in the development of the BHR, as the original manufacturing specialists of resurfacing devices including the BHR, and through extensive research of historically successful MoM devices.

The ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing System has been in successful clinical use globally for over 16 years. Clinical data shows that:

  • Younger and more active patients are being accepted for hip replacement (63% of resurfacing patients in Australia are under 55 years old [1])
  • Hip resurfacing patients are free to return to work and active lifestyles [2-3] without compromised function.
  • Mid-term survivorship for the ADEPT® is class-leading [1,4] with a lower revision rate than total hip replacement in younger patients [1] and an ODEP 10A rating [5].

Below, are several useful and informative presentations from surgeons who currently practice Hip Resurfacing.

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