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Resurfacing webinar attracts global attendance


Our Resurfacing webinar took place on the 3rd June 2021 was very well-received and attended by an impressive global audience of interested professionals looking to update their knowledge on current results, ideas, and activity with this resurging concept.

The panel of highly respected surgeons reviewed the latest data and offered their opinions and insight to answer the question “Does hip resurfacing still have a role to play in the treatment of osteoarthritis?” The comprehensive program covered the history and outcomes for hip resurfacing arthroplasty, the technical aspects involved in the procedure, and topics for the future. (Page down to watch some of the presentations).

Chairman, Professor Piers Yates was joined by Professor Lawrence Kohan, Mr. Andrew Manktelow, A/Prof. Gareth Prosser, Mr. Mike Tuke, Professor Bill Walter, A/Prof. Patrick Weinrauch and Mr. David Young. The Chairman and faculty team delivered a fantastic ‘hybrid style’ event with prerecorded presentations and live question and answer sessions.

Feedback from the event indicates an appetite to better understand the procedure and a hunger for more events which we hope to deliver in due course.

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A further webinar was delivered at The British Hip Society Virtual Meeting. Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr. Andrew Manktelow Chaired a webinar titled: The Future of Hip Resurfacing, Applying Knowledge and Experience to Modern Hip Practice

Mr. Manktelow was supported by Mr. James Holland and Professor  Paul Beaulé and presented on the ongoing role and results for MOM hip resurfacing, shared an introduction to ReCerf® Ceramic Hip Resurfacing, and offered insights, clinical updates, and activity resulting from the ongoing project. If you would like to watch this webinar you can do so by registering on the BHS website. On-demand Viewing will be available from 23rd June until 31st October:

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