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SAIPH Knee System – Podium Presentation Rome

SAIPH Knee System – Podium Presentation Rome

We are delighted to tell you that A.Prof Bill Walter will be presenting at the World Arthroplasty Conference in Rome (WAC 2018) on ‘Implant Design and Sagittal Stability in TKA’.

To date, Professor Walter has been engaged in a number of studies on the SAIPH® Knee, including a multicentre study with excellent 5-year results (98% of patients are satisfied with their outcome) and separate AP-stability studies. His most recent data demonstrates by standard clinical assessment the impressive stability achieved by SAIPH® Knee patients when compared to other state-of-the-art TKR devices with different bearing concepts. For attendees at the conference this session will be worth a visit!

Presentation: Friday 20 April – Knee Session 6, Room Leptis Magna. The full programme can be found on the event website.
Event website:


The Clinical Data Summary for The SAIPH® Knee System has been updated. This includes information on the multicentre study mentioned above. Visit the SAIPH® page for more info – Click Here.