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Welcome to MatOrtho®, a company established by Mike Tuke in 2010 to continue the pioneering work of almost four decades conducted by his previous company, Finsbury Orthopaedics Limited, one of the most innovative British medical device manufacturers to date.

Mike’s vision for MatOrtho® is to grow the business based on the design principles established by Finsbury and to be acknowledged as a pioneering trendsetter in the field of orthopaedic implant devices.

MatOrtho® is focused on improving the quality of life of all patients who receive one of its devices. The passion, knowledge and innovation which drove Finsbury lives on and is applied in a dynamic and ethical way.

Based in Leatherhead, MatOrtho® continues to employ many original Finsbury staff as well as the equipment manufacturing the supply of internationally-recognised orthopaedic implant devices such as the Medial Rotation Knee™ and the BOX® Total Ankle Replacement.

Our heritage is a true reflection of our commitment and responsibility as suppliers to medical professionals and, through continued investment in new technologies and product development, we aim to further demonstrate that commitment.