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What is a Joint Replacement?

Joint replacement is the term used for surgically removing diseased or worn out bearing material in the body known as cartilage. The purpose of a joint replacement aims to remove the pain and allow a patient to return to their normal active function.

The bearing surface is replaced with a combination of metal, ceramic and/or plastic components. These components form an implant that work with the natural tissue around the joint to hold it together.

An implant is placed within the joint to provide an articulating interface for two bones that rub together, when the two bones rub together this is where a patient will start to feel in pain this can commonly be known as ‘bone on bone’. Over time the pain will worsen which will eventually have an impact on the patients’ health; they will find that everyday tasks such as climbing the stairs will become a painful experience.

An example – A knee joint will need replacing once the Tibia and Femur meet and start rubbing together. When an implant is put into the joint, the two bones are separated artificially by two components which help the knee return to its natural level of movement


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