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Surgeon and Patient Delighted with BESPOKE™ Solution!

We are always very pleased to hear from surgeons who have been able to present a solution to their patient and make a real difference. Our thanks go to Mr Rishi Chana for sharing this excellent update on his patient following surgery using the titanium nitride coated (TiN) Medial Rotation Knee™ (MRK™)  and BESPOKE™.

“How does a surgeon plan a knee replacement? Several factors, years of training, experience and expertise go into such a decision!”

“One of the most important factors is the patient themselves and their specific past medical history.”

“This gentleman had previous ACL surgery so the screw in the thigh bone prevented me from using a traditional reference rod for the replacement surgery – he also has a nickel allergy.”

“Using my fellowship experience from Sydney and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, I opted for this patient a specifically designed cutting jig option, the MRK™ Nickel Free Patient Specific model. A CT scan was used to make a 3D plastic model used.”

“Other options are out there…computer navigation and robotic assisted surgery. These both are more complex and may take more time. All have advantages that the surgeon may perceive to be better to that case.”

“The surgery went seamlessly and the jig worked perfectly…it fitted like a glove.”

“My patient is delighted with his new knee and straight leg! He is moving pretty well and pain free at only two weeks”…

“Thanks to him for permission and thanks to you for watching.”

Mr Rishi Chana
Orthopaedic Hip & Knee Surgeon

The video and associated imagery used in this post is provided to us with permission from the patient. Visit our product page for downloadable information on the MRK™ and speak to your representative if you would like more information on BESPOKE™.




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