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Success for the Medial Ball-and-Socket Knee Once Again!

We are delighted to report that once again the MRK™ is reported in the NJR with the LOWEST rate of revisions at the longest published time point – 3.23% (2.69-3.87) at 17 years.

Implant survival is one of the key metrics used to establish the performance of a total knee replacement device. In addition, patient-reported outcomes and clinical evaluations allow for a more complete analysis and when compared to other knees, the MRK™ medial ball-and-socket knee design consistently achieves superior functional performance and excellent survivorship.

Both the MRK™ and its successor the SAIPH® Knee are provided by MatOrtho®, the originators of the concept. Both systems have been designed to replicate native knee kinematics in order to maximize the range of movement, stability, and function.

More information can be found in the Clinical Rationale, which is free to download from our product pages.

If you’d like to understand more and hear from surgeon users from across the globe, please join our FREE webinar taking place on the 10th November 2021:


NJR 18th Annual report