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SAIPH® Knee Features in Surgeon Video on National Geographic Website!

Professor Bill Walter, specialist hip and knee surgeon at the Royal North Shore Hospital and The Mater Hospital in Australia, features in a short video on the National Geographic website.

The video explains what inspired Professor Walter to enter the medical industry and become a surgeon. It forms part of a series called Miracle Hospital aimed at highlighting the latest in medical technologies in an Australian Hospital. Professor Walter is seen discussing his career alongside his father, Dr William K Walter, who is one of the most respected surgeons in Australia.

The video not only shares a personal insight into the working life of one of the original designers of the SAIPH® Knee, it also shares what it takes to switch off from a busy and demanding role.

We are delighted to see the SAIPH® Knee System skilfully represented and demonstrated throughout the video, as Professor Walter explains why it is his knee of choice for his patients.


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