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Cheap Adipex Diet Pills Online

Total Metacarpophalangal Replacement™

The TMPR™ aims to replicate an anatomical MCP joint and offer a restored range of motion and near-normal function to patients.

The spherical metacarpal bearing provides close to normal movement in the MCP joint and maintains full conformity throughout ROM. The metacarpal head has a groove to stabilise the extensor mechanism and side panels to protect the collateral ligaments. Offset stems correspond to the insertion points of the collateral ligaments and provide a stabilising action during flexion-extension. Long-term fixation is achieved with locking barb-action fins and decoupled stress transfer.

The TMPR™ has been in clinical use since 1994. Data shows that the device:

  • Offers relief from pain [1];
  • Improves range of active movement to that required for activities of daily living [1];
  • Enables the achievement of a strong, stable grip [1];
  • Is reported by patients to restore near normal function [1];
  • Has minimal reported intraoperative and postoperative complications [1].
  1. Harris D. and Diaz JJ. Five-year results of a new total replacement prosthesis for the finger metacarpo-phalangeal joints. Journal of Hand Surgery (British and European Volume). 2003; 28B (5): 432–438