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Order Tramadol, Tramadol Order Online Cod

Following the release of the 15th National Joint Registry Annual Report 2018, we are delighted to see that yet again the Medial Rotation Knee™ (MRK™) has the lowest rate of revision of ALL TKR BRANDS.

The Kaplan-Meier estimate of cumulative revision rate of the MRK™, 14 years after the operation is just 3.13%1.

The MRK™ TKR portfolio includes a number of device options for the range of patient indications, but is uniquely dedicated to one bearing concept – the medial ball-and-socket design. So not only do fewer patients require repeat surgery over more years, more patients who receive the MRK™ compared with any other TKR can benefit from inherent stability2,3,4 throughout a full range of motion 5,6 and enjoy a better patient experience6 for the long term.


  1.  National Joint Registry 15th Annual Report 2018. Buy Generic Tramadol Uk Table 3.27.
  2. Moonot P et al. Tibiofemoral kinematic analysis of knee flexion for a medial pivot knee. KSSTA. 2009; 17(8):927-34.
  3. Moonot P et al. In vivo weight-bearing kinematics with medial rotation knee arthroplasty. Knee. 2010; 17(1):33-7.
  4. Molloy D et al. Sagittal Stability in Three Different Knee Designs. A Single Centre Independent Review. BJJ. 2013; 95-B SUPP 15: 85.
  5. Kooijman CM & van Stralen GMJ. Having the confidence to change for a more stable future. June 2013. Presented at The Great Debate, London.
  6. Hossain F et al. Knee arthroplasty with a medially conforming ball-and-socket tibiofemoral articulation provides better function. CORR. 2011; 469(1):55-63.
  7. Latest ODEP ratings can be found at Tramadol Buy Usa.


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