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Order Ambien From Mexico

We are Extremely Pleased to Announce that ODEP has Awarded the MRK™ a 10A* Rating!

Following an ODEP review meeting for knee implants on 2nd August 2017, the panel concluded that the MRK™ with patella is awarded the 10A* rating.

What this Means

A standard 10A rating uses probability statistics (Kaplan Meier) to calculate the risk of revision over time and allows for 1% revision rate per year up to 10 years (i.e. the probability of revision can be as much as 10% at 10 years under a 10A rating).
The 10A* rating goes that step further and specifically looks at patients who have reached or passed their 10th year with the device and therefore does not have to use probability to estimate the likelihood of revision.

A 10A* rating is awarded when the actual percentage of patients revised from the total number of patients through their 10th year is less than 5%. When used with a patella, the MRK™ meets this 10A* rating criteria and the analysis is completed on a minimum of 500 patients through the time point and so gives a strong level of evidence supporting this outcome.

The 10A* rating shows compliance with the current NICE guidelines.

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