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We are extremely pleased to announce we are SETHA Healthcare Business Award winners!

SETHA presented the award to MatOrtho® representatives Dr Simon Collins, Research and Development Director, and Dr Laura Richards, Clinical Research Manager at a ceremony in London on Monday 11th February 2019.

Winners from five categories were announced and we are delighted to have won the Innovation Award for our innovative development and pioneering hip replacement products, in particular, our all-ceramic ReCerf® Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty*.

Dr David Parry, CEO, SEHTA said; “Once again our awards have demonstrated the excellence of small health technology companies in the South East. This year was once again very competitive; it’s a primary aim of SEHTA to help such companies’ access public and private sector markets with their innovative products and services”.

More information on SETHA and the 2018 award winners can be found Buy Xanax Perth

* ReCerf is currently pending CE Mark Approval.
Image shows Dr Collins and Dr Richards receiving the award from Mr David Clayton-Smith.


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