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Inspirational MRK™ Recipient Eric Jones Makes Film with BBC

We’ve been following the amazing story of Eric Jones, an extraordinary extreme sports enthusiast from Wales who has put his  MRK knee replacement to incredible test!

BBC Two Wales have now made a film with Eric which will be aired on Saturday 18th August 2019 – “Eric Jones is a legendary solo climber. Now an 82-year-old grandfather, he has one last mountain to climb. A poignant and inspirational film about a great man growing old”. 

Eric’s continued ability following his joint replacement from more than 10 years ago is a true testament to his determination to continue his demanding hobbies following knee surgery. He is also an excellent case study and ‘extreme’ example of how you can benefit from a top-performing knee implant!

BBC Two Wales – 8pm- Saturday 17th August 2019.

Follow the link for exciting previews:





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