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The Great Debate 2020

The trend in medial ball-and-socket designed knees is growing and it all started at MatOrtho!

The SAIPH® Knee is the evolution of the original 1994 ‘medial ball-and -socket knee’ (MRK™, Finsbury – MatOrtho Limited, UK). SAIPH® is the only total knee replacement system in the world designed specifically to be a medial ball–and-socket without the compromises presented by an ordinary knee implant.

It was designed to provide complete stability for the full range of motion (ROM) without restriction to freedom of movement. With continued excellent patient satisfaction scores and improved outcomes across multiples studies, join us at The Great Debate to better understand how this philosophy is making a huge difference in total knee arthroplasty practice.

Invited Faculty
Bill Walter
David Wood
Edwin Su
Giles Heilpern

Registration now open: £50
Keynote faculty have been announced and can be found on the events website here

Register your interest early to join us or speak with your representative to find out more!