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Ordering Tramadol Online Illegal, Tramadol With Mastercard

1 May 2019 – Valencia – Spain

An international faculty will gather in Valencia in advance of this year’s European Knee Society meeting to deliver an educational event focusing on 45+ years of knee evolution.

Following the success of the Forever Active Forum held in Melbourne last year, we are proud to host this event in Valencia to share exciting updates on the performance of the SAIPH® Knee System.

Supported by a wealth of high quality information, the meeting will review surgeon’s data that is demonstrating higher levels of stability, better levels of activity, excellent patient satisfaction and fewer revisions when compared to alternative devices. This event is aimed at high level, experienced knee surgeons who are currently using or considering the SAIPH® Knee System.

Confirmed Faculty

Buy Generic Tramadol Uk

Draft Agenda
10:30 Welcome and introduction

Evolution of TKR
History and Development of the Medially Stabilised Knee
25 Years Clinical Use of the Medial Rotation Knee (MRK™)
Principles of the SAIPH® Knee
Panel Discussion

Clinical Outcomes
Building Evidence with Clinical Data
Tibiofemoral Movement in ball-and-Socket Knees vs. Other TKRs
Stability in Ball-and-Socket Knees vs. Other TKRs
5-Year Results from Designer Surgeon Centres
Results of a Multicentre Study
Activity and Satisfaction in Medially Stabilised vs. other TKRs
Insight: What Most Influences outcomes?
What do the Registries Say?
Panel Discussion

Surgical Techniques
Tibia First Approach
Distal First technique
Bespoke™ Operative Technique
Tips & Tricks review
Summary and Close
14:00 Lunch and Discussion

Please register your interest in joining us below, this is a free-to-attend event.

Information on our SAIPH® Knee System can be found in the Tramadol Buy Usa

Here at MatOrtho® we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide information on the products and services you have requested from us.

We would also like the opportunity to contact you in future in relation to events and updates from our company which may be helpful and interesting. If you consent to us contacting you for this purpose please tick to confirm this is acceptable by email and/or telephone:


All information is collected and stored in line with our Privacy Policy which you can read Tramadol Online Cod 180

Please note: If we receive an enquiry for an area outside of the EEA we may forward your data to a trusted business partner or MatOrtho Australia Pty.